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Hi there! I’m Whitney and I am the proud owner of Chaos Cloth. I am a mom of three crazy kids and they’re the reason I decided to call my business “Chaos.”

I first started cloth diapering in March of 2017 when my middle kiddle was just about 9 months old. After a while, I discovered the world of exclusive print businesses and from there I was completely hooked.
I got my start designing for another business. I joined the Facebook group looking for better inserts and ended up striking up quite a friendship with the owner. After pestering her about design ideas, she gave me the tools I needed to get them from my head to a mock up and I designed for her for a little over a year. She and I then started A&W Barrel Bottoms to be a sister group to hers that focused on the styles of prints that didn’t really fit with her particular niche. After being handed the reins and running the A&W side for a few months, I decided I was ready to fly solo, and Chaos Cloth was born.

The name Chaos Cloth is inspired by something my best friend told me. She’s a really lowkey person, isn’t around kids much, and anytime we get together, if my kids are there, of course they’re all over the place. She told me that I exist in chaos. She also says that I don’t know what to do with myself outside of my household chaos. And you know what? She’s 100% right. As a mom who has been building a business while parenting three rambunctious kids, I couldn’t think of any other name that fit my crazy life better than Chaos Cloth. Believe me, I had whole lists of options, so I tried!

In the end, I’m just a mom designing and selling diapers from her home office and trying to keep her kids from tearing the house down to the studs in the meantime. If you choose to support my small business, know that you are appreciated more than you could imagine.

All the best,

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